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High Peak Access was commissioned by High Peak CVS to produce guidelines for individuals, voluntary groups, and private and statutory organisations, to help people participate in public events and meetings.  

To enable this to be achieved those responsible for organising the event or meeting need to take into account all aspects of accessibility for disabled people; of how to anticipate, and overcome restrictions that prevent disabled people from attending, or participating fully in organised events held within the High Peak. 

It is imperative that disabled people are involved in their community.  To be involved in the decisions on what, and how services are provided, they must be part of the process, and not just the recipients of others’ decisions.  It is about: ‘full and effective participation and inclusion in society’, ‘accessibility’, and ‘equality of opportunity’. 

Coordinating an accessible meeting can be time-consuming and challenging, thus, to make it easier for you, High Peak Access has created a number of guidelines in the form of a Checklist.  We hope that this Toolkit can assist you to ensure that your event is accessible for disabled people, and therefore, a more inclusive and representative event.

This toolkit contains a guide to accessible events in the form of a checklist for use when planning large public events and smaller meetings or focus groups, together with some feedback from disabled people on their experiences of trying to participate in meetings. The Toolkit also provides guidance on solutions to access issues when planning a meeting and useful contacts to assist in the delivery of the meeting.

The effectiveness of the Toolkit is in embracing the needs of people with a range of disabilities and impairments.  A pragmatic and an holistic approach has been taken, as the Toolkit explains in practical terms how it is possible to organise an accessible event without excluding disabled people.   The strength of the Toolkit is the experience from within High Peak Access – the group’s rich diversity has ensured a successful and progressive guide. 

An accessible environment is one which a disabled person can enter and make use of independently, or with help from an assistant, including being able to vacate easily in the event of a fire or other emergency.

The composition of the Toolkit also recommends solutions for the physical access, and incorporates the wider issues of accessibility as part of the remit.

The Toolkit offers guidance to assist both Public and Private Organisations to understand and address the issue for organising and accessible meeting or event, such as community consultations on planning matters, proposed changes in policy, community celebration events, and smaller focus groups or consultation meetings.

Last Modified: 23 Jan 2015